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Tuesday, July 01, 2003


one does get
homesick- especially after the novelty of being in the foreign country and
finding everything hip, hop,clean to a fault and technologically superior to
our motherland wears off. . And then one starts remembering the sights and
smells and sounds and the feel of India.... and actually pining for things
as trivial as mangoes or bhel or the Amrutatulya chai / tapris for that
matter or the dirty trains of Mumbai and typical nasal tones of Punekars and
their extremely parochial attitudes...(the thought of pining for which in
India would have seemed ludicrous). And all this, excluding the people who
have been an indelible part of our lives till now- missing parents, friends,
relatives and general junta.... That itself is killing.
So in other words, these days sometimes I keep having withdrawal symptoms
for home and India and all the good and bad things that go with it..
People say, it happens...... The urge to just run away as fast as the legs
wud carry us and catch the first bloody stupid AI flight home gets rampant
after the first 30 days of living abroad.. And this continues for the next
month or so... After about a quarter you kinda settle down in the alien
country.... and then it grows on you...