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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Why is it that the stillness of time shocks me?
Is�nt time supposed to be fluid
and slipping out of one�s fingers all the time ?
Am I not supposed to lament the lack of time, all the time.
What would you call the feeling,
of wonder that engulfs you,
when you see a tree in a metropolis.
God ! Whoever has trees anymore. ?
Whoever cares for trees and insects anymore ?
What kind of infernal life forms are these?
You mean that leaf of grass is actually alive? Porous?
It lives and it feels?
It grows and it wilts?
It has a scent and music? It rustles and sways?
In the name of science,
What would anyone achieve by discovering life forms on Mars.
When there is actual life on this planet that so few notice and revere


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