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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Experiencing "Othello"

Latest: 29th April 2004,
Happened to see Royal Shakespeare Company's "Othello" in Tokyo (of all the places). Looking at the price of the ticket- an emotion that felt somewhat like a mini-cardiac arrest overcame me. ;-)But watching the play.... Felt like one of those things that make you feel eternally indebted to the Almighty for living, existing, comprehending, thinking. (Like listening to Lata Mangeshkar of the yore for example). Experiencing the Experience..Amazing ! Even with my limited knowledge (??) of theatre and that of the works of poet laureate- the play was truly OUTSTANDING.. Amazing, how the words of Shakespeare came alive. Amazing, how contemporary the play felt. Do we all not encounter Iago's of the world in the corporations that work in? Do we not experience how during campus days, people we knew turned into Othello and Desdemona from Romeo and Juliet. As for the quality of the performance of the play, this is called performance, perfection and professionalism. Amazing how one person wrote 37 plays 400 years ago- and after that there is nothing much left to say..What else is posterity?Amazing how a group of professionals bring alive the bard's words 4 centuries later to an audience that is so typically inflicted with the symptoms of post-modern times, to an audience that realises its alive and can still take some time off from earning for a living, to actually live,think,feel and appreciate and experience...


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